c.r.a.i.g. t.a.b.o.r.n. - 'd.a.y.l.i.g.h.t. g.h.o.s.t.s.' (2017)

Mon, 02/20/2017 - 01:05 -- bryan

bringing you the best in adult contemporary.  just kidding, this is a pretty slamming jazz record.  craig t. is one of my favorite players in the game.  pitchdork wrote about this record in detail here, so i don't have to.  i saw this man play a concert of duets with the inimitable kris davis last year and it was jaw dropping.  dig it.  



a.c.t.i.v.e. c.h.i.l.d. - 'm.e.r.c.y.' (2015)

Mon, 02/20/2017 - 00:44 -- bryan

I proposed marriage to the woman who is now my wife, on a train, after we saw these guys perform.  I was like, 

It's morning, 7 o'clock you at my clinic
It's me your orthopedic, gynecologyst
You looking pretty and fine, go ahead blow my mind
Girl what's wrong come here, let me take a look
You say you got burnt, your man should've wore a rubber
What type of partners you have and who's your first lover
He never turned you around, showed you doggystyle
We got some things in common honey lets talk awhile
Did he lick you there? Perculate your atmosphere
I got a mask at home, boots and some leather gear
How about me and you and black, I'm hitting from the back
Tail in my face and all juicy brown booty
I'm the master rubber, please let me do my duty
Let me touch you

-DJ Mr Gurbick Half Shark Alligator Man


h.u.n.d.r.e.d. w.a.t.e.r.s. - 't.h.e.m.o.o.n. r.a.n.g. l.i.k.e. a. b.e.l.l.' (2014)

Mon, 02/20/2017 - 00:03 -- bryan


Good to see you Ron, I trust you got in alright? I'm eager to show you around the facilities here. We were initially looking to offshore most of the production and only have the final assembly here, but we were able to retool the Morristown plant in less time and it solved some distribution issues as well. We wanted to get up and running while consumer interest was rising. 
Bjork without the weirdness is what we're calling it until the trade shows and the final board meets in May, but I think you'll agree, that whatever the final name, the product is a sure hit.
Raw Bjorks are brought in weekly and are fed through the line and 2 shifts in a little over two days can remove the weirdness out of the Bjorks. We're hoping that once we're up and running and demand comes in we can get that down to a 24 hour turnaround. The public is really going to get into Bjorks without the off putting costumes, Leftist opinions and vocal histrionics. No more art installations or Mike Patton collaborations. The end product is an almost pure 1995 Bjork. We have some mock ups and a functioning prototype in the conference room if you want to give them a whirl. Wal Mart got onboard yesterday and Mike is in talks with Target on Thursday, excitement is building. I'm hoping that when you leave here Ron, that you'll meet up with Mike in Rochester and start with the street marketing. Get Pitchfork and that other one the kids are into, VICE on board as well, we want to build some “Indie Cred” with this before we hit the major markets.

-DJ Duncan