t.h.e. c.u.r.e. - 'k.i.s.s. m.e., k.i.s.s. m.e., k.i.s.s. m.e. (1987)

Tue, 02/28/2017 - 23:17 -- bryan

4 perfect seminal goth records from the 80s by the cure 4 of 4.  ok, so this one is not as totally fully rideable as the previous three records posted here, which came earlier in the band's career, which are untouchable front to back.  kiss me has a few bad songs on it.  but the great songs are so great.  little known fact, when i was 19, i was in this sea and cake worshipping band, called deluge, circa 1999-2000... annnd i think we only played one show, which was at the milvale industrial thearte in pittsburgh, and we covered the song 'one more time' off of this record... and i sang it.  i remember overhearing that the booker had said, "yea, i need to hear that teenager do a robert smith impression like i need a hole in my head." and, it's true. robert smith is untouchable and the cure are one of those bands that... it's really pointless to cover them because they're just that perfect.  i'm not sure  exactly what i was thinking at the time.  i do know that i was feeling a lot of feelings at the time.  and this record really helps to amplify feelings even today.  the song, 'a thousand hours' toward the end of the record has got to be one of my favorite ballads of all time.  and it's so short!  who writes a ballad that's under four minutes?  the cure did.  they were just that good.  i'm telling you.