a.c.t.i.v.e. c.h.i.l.d. - 'm.e.r.c.y.' (2015)

Mon, 02/20/2017 - 00:44 -- bryan

I proposed marriage to the woman who is now my wife, on a train, after we saw these guys perform.  I was like, 

It's morning, 7 o'clock you at my clinic
It's me your orthopedic, gynecologyst
You looking pretty and fine, go ahead blow my mind
Girl what's wrong come here, let me take a look
You say you got burnt, your man should've wore a rubber
What type of partners you have and who's your first lover
He never turned you around, showed you doggystyle
We got some things in common honey lets talk awhile
Did he lick you there? Perculate your atmosphere
I got a mask at home, boots and some leather gear
How about me and you and black, I'm hitting from the back
Tail in my face and all juicy brown booty
I'm the master rubber, please let me do my duty
Let me touch you

-DJ Mr Gurbick Half Shark Alligator Man


m.o.d.e.r.a.t. - 'iii' (2016)

Sat, 01/07/2017 - 10:01 -- bryan

Imagine you've fallen rather hard for someone. Yet, despite all this person's wonderfulness, their favorite music is something you just can't get behind. It goes against your instincts. You turn it over and over in your head. This stuff seems like it's the provenance of stadiums, you think to yourself. And you're right. It is. This stuff seems like it's intended for fans of Spiritualized, Radiohead, MGMT... shit, you could easily imagine these guys warming up for a late era U2 concert. At first, it makes you wretch. But you stick with it. The experience of acquainting yourself with this person who lives this music has opened your eyes to that which you haven't seen before. Now some years have gone by. That person wasn't right for you. Good riddance. In a moment of solipsistic introspection, you think to yourself, did that person really and truly open me to new experiences, or did that experience simply awaken something within myself that had previously been lying dormant? It's a rhetorical question, you realize. This music could be the soundtrack to that. In spite of yourself or not, please don't stop the please don't stop the please don't stop the music.

_mink nun


j.a.y. d.a.n.i.e.l. - 'b.r.o.k.e.n. k.n.o.w.z.' (2016)

Wed, 01/04/2017 - 18:22 -- bryan

recently i revisited a record called valley of the jeep beats by the inimitable terminator x.  i wanted it to stand the test of time and sadly for me it did not.  if public enemy were making a record in 2017, i think detroit's jay daniel could offer up plenty of fresh funky beats based on the strength of this lp.  

npr writes an insightful adoring review here.  check this out.  shut up and dance.  

_dj diaper rash