t.r.a.n.s. a.m. - 'c.a.l.i.f.o.r.n.i.a. h.o.t.e.l.' (2017)

Mon, 04/24/2017 - 00:46 -- bryan

witty album title, lads.  trans am still at it after almost twenty-five years or whatever.  i got bored on them after futureworld, circa 1999.  still, they put out some seminal work.  i would love to herald this record as a return to form.  instead i'm just gonna say you could be listening to worse shit in 2017.  they're playing shows these days.  i am pretty sure if i saw this live, i'd be pretty into it.  good tunes.  it kinda remind me of stuff like ota petrina, a little bit, or maybe some of the older shit they like to imitate.  anyway, nothing revolutionary here.  still, a formidable record.  not too many other records i post fit the "jock jams" taxonomy quite as thoroughly as this.  

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