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Both Cons and Caia are established authors together w Petre Inspirescu and The Model. Thats pretty much the best of romanian electro Which some say it has its own genre now Like chicago house, berlin techno and... Ro-minimal I only recently got into it 
The article is full of usual extatic approach on newly disxovered underground but has some nice description of the crazy 80s that may seem exotic for a foreigner Those who owned tape players or video players were very important people in community. They distributed western media which was very much sought after. Verything was consumed even recordings of news or the crappiest music. This is how I represent North Korea  I am sure there is a whole underground of western media available on pirate chinese dvds there Just like every block of flats in romania had one video/tape player owner who invited everyone to watch or listen They would often charge money I know a guy who paid his whole sallary to get latest iron maiden in 88 from a radio journalist who got illegal tapes from western friend. My parents would not allow me watch video movies at neighbors because they thougjt they charge too much and I was so frustrated as a kid When friends would return next day commenting mad max or such Adults would also watch porn together when a tape was available And send the kids out It was curiosity And they would be botb fascinated and scared by how decadent was the west I was surprised when ai visitrd my cousin in transylvania in 89 and he openly told me and my sister (10/9 yo) in front of our parents " i have porn tape wanna watch" but my decent parents wrre horrified so didnt allow Just being western put things out of normal norms in some cases It was valuable in itself Access to outside world Charge money for this window outside So now you can read the article on romanian electronica Comes from these guys who had access to films and music from abroad. Porn, heavy metal and Boney M. -DJ Horia

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I say these are fun fresh electronic jams to wash over you as you bliss out... daily bandcamp has this to say: "Kicking to the curb the idea that Opal Tapes are about “lo fi” or “outsider” music, this is some of the most exquisitely and sophisticatedly crafted tech house you will hear anywhere right now, its manipulation of space as its velvet grooves and whispering voices flow around you genuinely discombobulating and transporting."

_DJ Pert Plus


V.a.r.i.o.u.s. A.r.t.i.s.t.s. - I.n. D.e.a.t.h.'s. D.r.e.a.m. K.i.n.g.d.o.m. (2018)

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i say this is worth checking out just for the tracks by yves de mey, roly porter and kangding ray... below is what daily bandcamp dot com has to say...

_dj golobulus ra

A haunting and utterly captivating overview of the contemporary experimental electronic music scene, In Death’s Dream Kingdom brings together over two dozen artists who mostly operate in the outer musical realm. Every minute of Kingdom is riveting; Pan Daijing’s “The Island Within” pulses and surges, ghostly, monk-like voices occasionally drifting across the groaning electronics. “Box in a Box,” from Pye Corner Audio, opens with a grim, rhythmic pulse and gradually threads in a chilling synth lead. All of the songs on Kingdom are defined by a feeling of ominousness; Sophia Loizou’s “Shadows of Futurity” is more shudder than song, ripples of electronics entering and fading like phantoms in a dark house, and Spatial’s aptly-named “Haunted Dance Hall” is constructed from clatters and creaks. Even tracks where the tempo is more aggressive, like Gazelle Twin’s fitfully kicking “The Dream Ends,” are sunk deep in a sense of unease. In Death’s Dream Kingdom is the soundtrack to empty factories in the dead of night. It is full of ghosts, and gripping from start to finish.